Frequently Asked Questions 

To enable your claim to run smoothly the Contract Manager will draw up a list of materials which will be provided for you to complete with your choices and return prior to any works commencing. You can choose materials from any supplier. Please note any budget costs set by your insurer and we request as much detail as possible i.e. manufacturer, identification numbers, pattern details etc (if you are requested to choose paint; please ensure it is a similar shade/colour to the existing as the insurer will only allow two coats). Please email or post us these details if possible as this will allow us to source the correct item(s) and make the necessary purchase(s). 
Preferred Suppliers 
Material choices can be selected from most places however we do have preferred suppliers where we know customer service, product choice and quality are proven and reliable. We find B&Q are good for a wide range of products and have good store opening times but please contact us for a full list. 
Health & Safety 
We will issue our tradespeople a Construction Phase Plan, which details Health & Safety requirements, and is compiled with information we will ask you before we start work including our provision of welfare facilities. Please note we are unable to accomodate pets in the areas we are working. 
When your claim is authorised and a start date is agreed it is important that all rooms where works are to be carried out are emptied beforehand. We can help elderly or less able policyholders with the removal of large furniture items if you let us know in advance. However please note that should any item become damaged whilst we are assisting removing furniture then we will not be held responsible as our assistance is offered as a goodwill gesture only - your insurer may arrange storage of items if necessary. 
What is a Policy Excess? 
Many insurance policies include a policy excess. This is the amount you have to pay if you decide to make a claim on your policy. 
During works at your property our tradespeople may request to use your toilet facilities, if you would prefer us not to use your WC please let us know so alternative arrangements can be put in place. 
How can I pay my policy excess? 
We accept payment by credit/debit card, bank transfers and via a secure online payment system. Details of all payment methods will be supplied by your dedicated claim handler. 
Who do I pay my policy excess to? 
Almerico will request payment of this on behalf of your insurance company and it should be paid prior to work starting. 
Electrical Costs Reimbursement 
Where drying equipment has been installed our equipment has counters to measure the amount of electricity used. The value of this can be reclaimed from your insurer by supplying the cost you pay per unit to us. 
Drying Equipment 
If you have suffered an escape of water or flooding to your property, drying equipment may be installed to ensure any damaged areas are dry before reinstatement work starts. The equipment can be noisy but it is important to keep it turned on for as long as possible to avoid delaying the start of repairs. 
We are very conscious that we will be working in your home and will comply with any requirements you have wherever possible. We will wear masks if you prefer and for any individual concerns do talk to us. 
All of our tradespeople are DBS checked and we undertake random financial searches to assist in ensuring your home is safe and protected whilst we work. We often work in unoccupied homes and can arrange the fitting of a key safe, however we will not work where a minor (under 16 years old) is alone in the property. 
Matching items 
Is a part of an insurance policy that would cover the replacement of the undamaged item where part of a set – such as kitchen units or a bathroom suite however most insurance policies do not include this cover as standard. Please check your individual policy or ask us to find out for you when we can advise on the options available to you. 
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